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Weibler Confiserie Chocolaterie stands for the finest chocolate creations “made in Germany”, which we have produced at our headquarters in Cremlingen since 1990. The recipe to our success is our pronounced awareness for select ingredients, natural colorants, and creative design. We combine an extraordinary love of product and many years of know-how with modern technology. We place particularly high value on the professional processing of our first-class raw ingredients. This results in unique products that provide sustainably produced quality.

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When Passion Becomes Profession – the Sweet Beginnings of a Success Story

Our Assortment


High quality, always – this is what we aspire to. We want to constantly provide you with the quality you expect from us. In a new look and freshly inspired by us, we are thrilled to be able to present you with our current collection with many new items. Discover the exceptional quality of our products and experience the magic behind our creations made from the finest chocolate!

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Weibler Individual


Give someone the gift of an advertising message made from the finest chocolate. With the Weibler Individual assortment, we give you the opportunity to put your own suggested motif on chocolate. With the help of the most modern technology, we put your logo, your advertisement, or individualized design on one of our chocolate products. With the highest precision and attention to detail, an edible décor made of sugar, cocoa butter, and colorant is superimposed on chocolate. You can also choose the number of printed colors.

Your logos, photos, and graphics + a large selection of blanks in various formats and finishes.


Exceptional Quality, Maximum Freshness, and Innovative Products – That’s what Weibler Stands for.


Specialized Trade

Business relationships must feel healthy and fair. The bottom line is they need to be uncomplicated. Our partners value our mid-market pragmaticism, our openness, and our reliability. To us and our extensive network of sales representatives, mutual trust, personal care, and competent advice are a basic prerequisite for a successful cooperation.